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New, innovative collection concept in which we support large retail chains in the collection of, among other things, Textiles & Shoes, Batteries and WEEE with our special CityGreenPoint collection stations..

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What is CityGreenPoint?

Many retail companies, including supermarket chains and DIY stores, are nowadays subject to the “take-back obligation”. The take-back obligation means that you as a company are responsible for the collection and processing of the waste materials from your products. Where in the past the government often assumed this responsibility, they increasingly do not consider these activities as their core tasks and outsource this to your company. Since these activities are also not part of the core tasks of your company, this obligation entails high costs for you.

CityGreenPoint is a new, innovative waste collection concept. If you as a company / government use this concept, we will take over the collection, processing and reporting obligations from you, in short, CityGreenPoint offers you total unburdening.

The CityGreenPoint station is a compact, clean and multifunctional collection system in a contemporary design. The collection stations can be individually adapted by means of a modular system. They can optionally even be equipped with LED lighting, self-sufficient by means of solar panels and can be expanded with, for example, a customer card system or charging point for electric bicycles.

In addition to being an ideal means of complying with European legislation regarding the take-back of these raw materials, it is also a means of achieving additional customer loyalty. In this way you also lower the delivery threshold for your customers, so that you can make a positive contribution to the environment, without your own investment or additional costs.

How does it work?

If you want to use the CityGreenPoint collection system, we will first identify the best processes for your specific needs. The CityGreenPoint station is very flexible and we can therefore meet many different needs, for example many different types of raw materials can be collected.

In addition to Textiles & Shoes, we offer you, for example, the possibility to collect Batteries, WEEE (electronic devices), Energy-saving lamps, Cartridges or countless other raw materials.

We then install our outdoor collection systems at no extra cost or investment for your company. Because we organize the collection of these products through an outdoor system, we immediately prevent the very high risk of fire in your stores. In the current situation, many of these fire-hazardous raw materials are still collected via the well-known cardboard boxes in the store. This takes up unnecessary, expensive sales space and your employees also have extra work with it.

We take care of the entire collection and delivery to certified processing companies in Europe. This also ensures that the processing is carried out in an orderly manner and that you are not associated with dubious processing abroad. In addition, you have one point of contact, which keeps the whole process more manageable. In short, you meet all requirements without extra work, costs or investment.

You can use the (possible) proceeds to generate additional financial resources yourself, or you can choose to support charities of your own choosing.

If you would like more information about the possibilities, please contact us!

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